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The Winners of 2015 CCE-JEC Innovation Award——Process & Equipment

Date:2015-11-09 11:17:33

The Winners of 2015 CCE-JEC Innovation Award——Process & Equipment


1. Product Name: High Efficient Double Workstation RTM Press & Molding Technology
    Exhibitor: Taizhou Europ Mould & Plastic Co., Ltd.

This system can be widely used to mold different fiber reinforced product. It's a new technology combined with Germany HP-RTM, Vacuum RTM and SMC molding advantages. So far, we're the only company to apply this technology widely in the world. Its advantages are as follows:

  • Strong & hard steel mould with A-Class surface, which can ensure products’ accurate & stable sizes.
  • Electricity, air & hydraulic integrated and automated control system, 2-4 times higher efficiency than current molding technology.
  • Performances of products rely upon machines rather than workers, which allows more stable production of high-quality products, as well as reducing labor costs.

This new technology as of its big advantages will replace hand lay-up and Vacuum RTM very widely in the near future.

  • One upper mould fixed and two other moulds beneath takes shift in turn (two workstations). When one is injected and cured, the other can be cleaned and be placed gelcoat and fiber mat in. It greatly enhances working efficiency and shortened production cycle to 30m.
  • Heated with water to ensure stable temperature and furthermore stable product performances.
  • Different from Vacuum RTM, the upper and lower mould keep a certain distance for fast exhausting air and resin flow with 10 bars pressure(much more than common Vacuum RTM) . After that, moulds are closed with pressure to get tight product and A surface.
  • Fast vacuum system and valve can pump air out as fast as 10-20 seconds to save time and get A surface.
  • Moulds have shear edge then product edge don't need to be cut after molding. Only small flash need to be removed by hands. Save lots of after-molding cost.
  • As of resin filling (10 bars) and molding pressure are much higher than Vacuum RTM, A surface could be easily got even when gelcoat is directly brushed instead of spraying, which makes it very friendly to the operator and environment.
  • Considering above advantages, products made from this new technology are much better and cheaper than handlay up and Vacuum RTM.



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