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Vacuum Insulation Panels Production Line
Complete vacuum panel production line for insulation vacuum panel products in construction, freeze storage, cooling transportion, medicial purpose, science research,...
Continuous Filament Winding Line
Continuous Filament Winding Line is one type continuous automatic winding production, is made up of winding,feeding,solidify,holding,anti-distortion,cutting&u...
Hydraulic Testing Machine
Specially designed for hydraulic testing of GRP pipes,it is ideal tester absorbing the advantages of similar products and optimizes the structure, convenient operati...
Coupling winding machine
Coupling winding machine is two work position winding process to produce sleeve couplings for GRP/FRP pipe connection.
Small Diameter FRP Continuous Winding Line
Small diameter GRP continuous line completes a new process for produce the small diameter GRP pipe continuously on line.
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